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The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) is responsible for all home-to-school transportation on behalf of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) and the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB). Our service area covers 2,670 sq. km and includes 227 schools.

OSTA provides safe and efficient transportation services to more than 124,000 students at its member school boards using yellow buses, wheelchair buses, school purpose vans and School Active Transportation programs in collaboration with over 10 Operators in the Ottawa area.

Our Operators

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) contracts service with trusted bus companies and transportation providers. Each of our Operators is responsible for the hiring and training of its own drivers.

Barr Bus Lines

D.C. Bus Lines

Direct Transportation Logistics

First Student

M&R School Transportation

M.L. Bradley

417 Bus Lines

Roxborough Bus Lines

Sommer Transportation Services


Monarch Student Transportation

Why Drive Yellow?

“I love driving children because they are easy to manage and quick to learn and follow the instructions on a safe journey on a school bus. My weekends are free to enjoy with my family and friends and I get decent extra pay for this part-time job to complete my projects. Instructors were knowledgeable and great to teach me safe driving practices, no doubt I will recommend my friends, stay-at-home mothers and other part-timers to look at this opportunity to serve the community”

School Bus Driver, First Student

“Even though I’m retired from the Canadian Forces I like to keep discipline i.e., getting up early to take advantage of the day, being useful to the community, and earning extra money to supplement my pension... When I see kids getting off the bus and taking time to thank me or turn around to wave at me, I know I made a difference in their life that day but what they don’t know is that they also make a difference in my life.”

School Bus Driver, Voyago

“I get to bring my babies/toddlers with me so once we come home from the route it’s lunch and nap time so I am able to get housework done.”

School Bus Driver, First Student

“The hours allow me freedom to work around the house. I love to be around my kids. I like to treat them as my own grandkids.”

Diane B., Greely Van Driver, Roxborough

“I enjoy the hours and time off between runs. Also the staff is always very friendly and helpful. The buses are well maintained.”

Robert S., Rockland Bus Driver, Roxborough

“Being a bus driver has given me the flexibility I need as a mom.”

School Bus Driver, Voyago

“I’m growing my potential each and every day “

School Bus Driver, Voyago

“I enjoy the variety of things I get to do,” “Every day has opportunities and challenges. I love to find solutions, and it’s really rewarding to feel that you’re making a difference.”

School Bus Driver, First student

“I enjoy both the driving aspect of a school bus along with the care for the students as well. This job suits my personality and also enjoy the interaction with the kids in helping them in being an important role in their everyday lives.”

School Bus Driver, M.L. Bradley